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Maintaining the Character of the Landscape

Historic Preservation

Langley Nye Tavern, Stable & Carriage House

79-87 North Street, Hingham, MA

This project involved the restoration of four of Hingham’s most important historic buildings. The Langley Nye Tavern itself is one of Hingham’s most historic properties dating back to the mid 1600’s. It was a prominent building at the time and served as a tavern and community gathering place in the early years. The house was actually waterfront property before the downtown area was filled in. The Langlees ran the tavern, including Sarah Langlee, who later founded the prestigious Derby Academy.

The current building was built in 1740 but contains framing from the 1600’s. When we bought the property, it was in desperate need of some TLC and modernization. We updated all of the plumbing, electrical, installed a new roof and windows and refinished the floors. Many of the original details were kept in place such as some of the wall paneling and fireplaces. In fact, part of the 17th century roof remains in the rafters inside and under the new roof.

Many artifacts found during the renovations include stenciled wall paneling, a wine cabinet, letters, coins, pottery and a woven hat. Those artifacts have been cataloged and preserved in one of Hingham’s most comprehensive historical artifact museums.

We completely restored the building and constructed 2 condominiums towards the rear of the property, totaling 5 townhouses. There are 2 condominiums in the main house, one in the stable and 2 newly constructed townhouses with attached garages and central air conditioning. We did all this while not only maintaining, but enhancing the character and historic face of North Street.

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